Our Lady of the Lake
Social Club

Welcome to OLL’s Social Club group page! Our Social Club was started by Dawn Mortus and Jerry Mortus in 2017 to bring together members of our church for a fun night of getting to know each other and fellowship once a month from September- May (usually the third Saturday night). 

We’ve enjoyed, card games, train dominoes, huge bunco, dance lessons, Christmas parties and even murder mystery nights! Most of all, we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other better and meeting members of our Church Family that we don’t normally see that may attend different masses than we do (or even the same mass). Bob Williamson and I have been a member of OLL since 2003, but there are many people that I never even held a conversation with until joining this club. Not because we are shy, 🙃, but because we have three kids and are pulled in every direction. So it’s nice to have a night out with our church family and get to know them better! We all bring a dish to share, you can bring your own adult beverage or share our beer and wine. 

We collect $10 per member annually to cover the cost of beer wine and sodas through the year and we have a pizza night with left over funds if there are any - and of course a summer pool party to keep in touch. Bob and I are heading this committee now and will try to keep the same themes going - but I know I will need your help and suggestions! I plan on using Dawn and Jerry for help - so they may be in another state but they can’t get away from us that easily! So Let’s have some fun and let’s think of some evening theme parties we can do for Social Club. If you have pics from our other “meetings”, please please take a minute to post them here. Thank you! 😀
💜Nancy Williamson

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Tonto and the Lone Ranger won the Cornhole Tournament